Friday, December 3, 2010

Android Visual Layout Editor gets better, feat. Drag Drop and goodness

After being an iOS developer for almost an year, migration to Android has been delightful. One of my first (and infact last) complaint with Android programming has been its “half-baked” Visual layout editor in ADT.

While writing XML to generate UI components is a good move, its the barrier in rapid development. Google has done a good job in developing powerful SDK, but couldn’t manage to build an editor that could do drag N drop of visual  components like Apple does on iPhone SDK. If only drag n drop had been missing, it would still have been acceptable. But, practically it gives up as your layout grows (curse those NullPointers, ArrayOutofBounds).

The good news is just around the corner, ADT is being upgraded to 8.0.0. So what’s coming? here’s the list from the official release plan:

Support for true debug build. No need to change the value of debuggable in the Android Manifest. Incremental build will automatically insert debuggable

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